For the last 14 years PC Rescue Tek has provided on-site and remote technical support services for the small business or home owner of PC's, Macs, Androids and mobile devices with very affordable rates.


Available Services

  • Repair laptop Screens for  Android and Microsoft tablets and mobile phones

  • Wireless Router Set-up

  • Wireless Printer Set-up

  • Data Back-Up

  • Level One Data Recovery

  • Recover lost pictures on a memory card for cameras and mobile phones

  • Wireless Camera Set-up for Home Security

  • Convert film and slides to 20 megapixel digital output

  • Software Tutoring

  • Remote Support

  • Phone Support


Is your computer running slow or do you think you might have a virus? Do you need help with learning how to maneuver through Windows 10, Microsoft Office, your email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, The City, uploading your pictures or help editing your photos or videos? I can help. I provide free pick-up and delivery within a 30 mile radius.


Maintenance and Virus Removal for Non-Subscription Clients:


  • $100 - $125 Virus Removal
  • $75 Tune-up for non-subscription clients. This includes free security software installed to run your computer for optimal speed. We pick up your computer and return it to you.
  • $150 Virus Removal for computers that need a new operating system or restore to factory settings. Includes up to 2 TB back-up and reinstall of files, reload of operating system, installation of windows updates, iTunes, Adobe, free antivirus and other utility programs to help your computer run at optimal speed. This includes set-up for one profile.



  • $40 plus cost of parts per hour for Onsite diagnostic, computer repair, external hard drive installation, wired/wireless printer, wireless router and new computer installation. Charged by the half hour thereafter.
  • $55 Normal Screen Replacement plus part for laptop, $60 Touch Screen plus part for laptops, tablets and mobile phones.
  • $10 for each additional computer for in-home Wireless printer and or wireless router set up.
  • Tutoring rates for Microsoft software, Apple iWorks, iMovie, iPictures, uploading your pictures, Facebook, Twitter etc. We can also accommodate in-home tutoring at the same price. 

                                       $25 per hour

                                       $20 per hour if you prepay 4 sessions to be used whenever you need them.

                                       $18 per hour if you prepay 5 sessions or more to be used whenever you need them.

Remote Access Rates


$35 Tune-up for monthly maintenance subscription clients includes free security software installed to run your computer for optimal speed.


$45 Tune-up for bi-monthly subscription clients includes free security software installed to run your computer for optimal speed.


$60 Tune-up for quarterly subscription clients includes free security software installed to run your computer for optimal speed.

$80 Virus Removal for monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly maintenance subscription clients.*

*Tune-ups often remove viruses, Rootkits, Spyware and Malware and include removal of temporary files, 4 malware software scans, registry cleaning, and update of all software including Windows, Office, iTunes, Adobe products and Java. We check to make sure your backups are working as well. If a tune-up does not remove them the virus removal fee will apply.

For example if you pay the monthly maintenance fee of $30 you would instead pay $80.

This often requires us to pick up your computer. If a total restore to factory settings is required then the fee will be $115.

$15 Each additional Profile Set-up

$30 per hour for remote access which enables the ability to quickly address your computer, tablet, printer or mobile phone issues.


$150 plus cost of computer - With your approval we pick out and order your new computer. This includes installation of computer and security software. Document files are transferred for one profile. Does not include Outlook set-up. Each additional profile is $15.


$6.25 per 15 min increments ($25/hr) over the phone for general computer questions.


Convert Film and Slides to Digital

We convert 7 types of Film into 20 megapixel digital image output. Slides and Negatives converted are 135 (35mm), 110, 126,127, Kodak Pocket, 8mm/Super 8 film and library film.

$.35 per 35 mm and negative

$.35 per slide

$.40 per photo

$21.99 per 8mm and Super 8 Reels


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Monday - Friday 10:00AM - 6:00PM

Saturday 10:00AM - 6:00PM

We are closed on Sunday. In the event of an emergency all rates are charged time and a half.


Please e-mail to make an appointment or become a subscription client.



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